Sunday, December 9, 2012

The Quickest Year

I haven't posted on the blog since March!  This year has flown by -- a move, new jobs, busy schedules.  I seem to post many pictures to Facebook...but here are some gems from the year.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Catching fish with Daddy

Sadie and Daddy took to the "fishing pond" at the Fort Smith expo center gun and hunting show. Sadie did not want to touch the fish they caught!

Snow day

This was the only snow day in 2012. :(

Visit with Reese and Treva

Sadie's BFF moved from Bentonville to Texas last year. They came for a visit and the girls had a grand time playing together again-- though they bickered like sisters much of the time :) It was a blessing from God that they were able to come when they did!

Happy 4th Birthday Sadie!

Sadie wanted a princess party. We chose a new bakery in Farmington that had been built with little "princesses" in mind. It is called The Briar Rose after Sleeping Beauty. They have a themed bakery that looks like Sleeping Beauty's forrest cottage. There is even a small wooden door for little kids. They made her cake, and provided other goodies. The kids decorated princess hats and knight shields, decorated cookies and played "Kiss the Frog" (pin the tail on the donkey with a frog and kiss lips!) The girls all dressed in their princess dresses! We had a wonderful time with Princess Sadie!